The Parti Continues with Spaghetti Lemak | In Our Humble Opinion

Avatar Happy TV | September 17, 2020 0 Likes Ratings

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We discuss a church donation, the Malaysian backlash on spaghetti lemak, airplanes that go nowhere, the escalation of Parti's case and the tourism vouchers. Is $100 enough? Leave your opinions in the comments below.


A church in Chicago raises enough money to pay off more than 19 million in unpaid medical debt 02:21
Spaghetti Lemak 11:53
What do you think made Former Changi Airport's Group Chairman take the decision to take it to Parliament? 20:58
How do you feel about the Tourism Vouchers? 28:04

Daisy Irani
Chris Henson (@hensonchris)
Gilbert Cheah (@gilbertcheah)

Chris Basil

Leo Ching Ling

Live edits:
Yong Jin Yee

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