Talkabout – Getting hitched in Singapore : Introduction (1/6)

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Matchmaking in Singapore is not a private family matter. It has long been seen as a national issue. With fertility rates still low, the Social Development Network (SDN)  continues to play cupid to help singles mingle. It’s the worlds only government run dating agency and with nearly 30,000 members it’s very active in trying to help people find love. Earlier in 2013 ,Singapore broke the speed dating record when 485 singles turned up at The Masquerade Ball dinner and dance at the Marina Bay Sands.  But SDN doesn’t just organise  events, it sponsors dating agencies and even runs courses on the techniques of flirting at local colleges. It has experienced some noteworthy success with 3600 of its members getting hitched in 2010
But SDN’s  efforts have long been the subject of mockery and criticism over the years. Set up in 1984 it was originally called the Social Development Unit and soon was  know by its sobriquet – Single, Desperate and Ugly.  So are Singaporeans really that  romantically challenged that they need the government’s help to try and find a partner? Or is there something unique about Singapore’s pressure-cooker life style society that justifies a helping hand from the government?
To find out how Singaporeans really match up on the romantic stakes, TalkAbout invited some of the country’s most knowledgeable love experts to discuss the issue. They included two leading dating consultants from accredited dating agencies, a DJ, counsellor, writer, therapist and several bona fide singles.
So, if you are searching for LOVE, do not miss this episode where you will be given an insight into the Singapore single scene. Our dating experts will give you some of their top dating tips. Also take part in our competition and get invited on a free date. The competition is simple – for guys tell us your best pick up line and for the girls, tell us your worse!
Host: Kenneth Liang
Speakers : Douglas Bullock, Michelle Goh, Eugenia Gajardo, Joan Ong, Jonathan Lim, Shaistah Munawar, Jillian Lim

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