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In Our Humble Opinion (IOHO) is the new podcast by Happy-TV hosted by 4 people who come from very different backgrounds. They constantly butt heads on various topics from current affairs to entertainment and gossip but they have one thing in common. They are funny.

Daisy Irani
Chris Henson
Gilbert Cheah
Jonathan Lim

Chris Basil

Episode 1: Did we need the virus?

Is this virus the kick in the butt we need to change how we treat our migrant workers?
Is this virus the kick in the butt we needed to change how we treat our migrant workers? It appears that while most people in Singapore were told all they needed to know about the Coronavirus, one group of people were neglected. In Episode 1 we explore reasons why the numbers amongst the migrant workers are so high while discussing how we can treat them better and prevent this situation from happening again.

Episode 2: What is Blanga? Can the coronavirus spread through farts? Singapore does good.

Where is blanga? Can the Coronavirus spread through farts?
Where is blanga? Can the Coronavirus spread through farts? Singapore unites to contribute more than $60,000 of their solidarity bonuses to the less fortunate migrant workers.

Episode 3 - Ateeqah Mazlan - A snitch? Two wrongs don't make a right.
On this episode, we welcome our first guest, Jamal Mohamad from the Malay Heritage Centre, to discuss home based businesses, the government, the Malay community and Ateeqah Mazlan.

Episode 4 - Can't stand your own bad breath?
On this episode, our hosts discuss a possible reason people might not be wearing face masks, online wedding solemnisations, home based businesses and the end of the world.

Episode 5 - Of Vice and men
On this episode of IOHO, the hosts discuss a neglected group of workers in Singapore, 4 allegedly unrelated slashings that took place in one day, a seemingly exciting excursion that a group of men took that didn't end well as well as a different excursion that will make everyone go awwwwww.....

Episode 6 - Silence and sexy nurses
On this episode we discuss a strange new law in Singapore as we ease our circuit breaker rules, the xenophobia and racism still rampant on the interwebs by the ugly side of Singapore and a Russian nurse who is now internet famous for the wrong reasons.

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153 Views Ratings Rate it