Depression in Singapore (Part 1) : Types and Causes

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Lack of appetite, trouble sleep and suicidal thoughts – these are just some of the many symptoms a person suffering from depression might experience.

According to Dr Christopher Cheok, who is Head of Psychological Medicine at the Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, roughly 1 in 10 depressed patients take their own lives.

But what causes someone to develop depression? Dr Priyadarshani Kamat, a homeopath from Nature Nurtures, a clinic that specialises in homeopathic treatment, believes that in some cases such as Postnatal depression, both the genetic and environmental factors come into play.

Tune into Part 1 of Talkabout’s debate to find out more about the different types and causes of depression.

Host: Kenneth Liang
Speakers : Choo Jin Kiat: Executive Director, O’Joy Care Services
Dr Claire Thompson: Associate Professor of Psychology and Clinical Psychology, JCU
Dr Priyadarshani Kamat: Homeopath, Nature Nurtures
Dr Christopher Cheok: Head of Psychological Medicine, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital
Dr Thomas Lee: Psychiarist, Resilienz Clinic
Junainah Mohd Eusope: Recovered patient

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