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Coffee & Whiskey with Ivy S8E02

Sources:   [forminator_poll id="661"]   [forminator_poll id="662"] ...

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30 October
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Coffee & Whiskey with Ivy S7E09

"Air quality may worsen if winds turn unfavourable, says NEA" (ST 13/09)"Forest fires 16,000km away affect Singapore" (ST 14/09)"Haze in Singapore: Air quality 'unhealthy' for first time since 2016" (ST 15/09)   [forminator_poll id="523"] ...

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18 September
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Coffee & Whiskey with Ivy S7E05

"Harder to get people good people to join politics: ESM Goh" (The Straits Times, 18 August 2019, A3)   [forminator_poll id="435"]   [forminator_poll id="436"]   [forminator_poll id="437"]   [forminator_poll id="439"]   [forminator_poll id="440"]   [forminator_poll id="441"]   [forminator_poll id="442"]   [forminator_poll id="438"] ...

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21 August