Are Singapore Drivers Dangerous or Just Rude : Any Hope For Singapore Drivers? (6/6)

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Every country has its own set of complaints about the drivers but in Singapore it's almost reached the state of a national debate. It's the subject of blogs, Facebook pages, there are countless clips on YouTube and bad drivers regularly get 'Stomped'! The list of bad driving habits range from lack of courtesy and road hogging to aggressive, dangerous driving. But just how dangerous are Singaporean drivers? According to recent statistics road fatalities are down but traffic violations are up. These include speeding offences and road rage. But while fewer people may be dying, it doesn't disguise the fact that traffic incidents are on the increase. Basic courtesy could be the solution to change the image of Singaporean drivers and provide a real solution to our traffic problems. To discuss the issue TalkAbout invited a panel of highly opinionated drivers onto the show including a driving instructor, a motoring journalist, a Singaporean with 30 years of driving experience, two young Singaporean drivers both proficient behind the wheel and an America PR who has driven all over the world.

Watch them steer through this debate and share their views about driving in Singapore. Not only will they spill the beans on the bad and the ugly, they too, will recount their encounters with dangerous drivers. In addition, we will take the opportunity to examine the reasons behind dangerous driving in Singapore. Is it stress? Or just plain frustration aimed at lousy road etiquette?

Tonight, we will attempt to debunk some of the myths. Is it really the young that make up the majority of bad drivers in Singapore? Are they truly reckless? We also discuss the battle of the sexes and find out if women really are lousy behind the wheel or is it all macho hot air? Tune into this no holds barred episode of driving in Singapore.

Kenneth Liang

Speakers :
Cheryl Tay, Mohd Faisal, Kerin Goh, Kirsten Conrad, Morag McGhee, Eleanor Lim

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